Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Anemones including Thimbleweed

Family: Buttercup/Crowfoot​​
​Genus: Anemone

​Three species of this genus, all native to Ontario, are found in High Park.
​A perennial plant with a solitary flower on a long flexible stem, with 5+ white sepals (not petals).

​"Anemone," meaning wind, may refer to the fact that they blow in the wind.  Another common
name for them is "windflower."  Polinated by wind.

Seeds dispersed by ants.  See  Myrmecochery  

​Anenome. wood 

Blooms in early spring.
Habitat: Open woods and clearings.
​Height: 20-30 cm.
​Width of flower: 2-2.5 cm

​Sepals sometimes pink on reverse side.
Stamens: white.

​Leaves: compound, deeply clefted, in groups of 5 as indicated by the species name (though sometimes 3). Early-blooming plants may have reddish-brown leaves which will turn green as exposure to sunlight enables the development of  chlorophyll.
​ Anemone, Canada 

Blooms May to July
Habitat: Moist woods, damp meadows.
​Height: up to 80 cm.
​Width of flower: 2.5-4 cm

​Leaves: coarsely toothed, hairy, deeply divided into 3 to 5 wedge-shaped lobes,  further divided with pointed tips. 

​Stamens: yellow.

Blooms June to August
Habitat: Dry savannas, meadows
​Height: up to 1 m.
​Width of flower: 2 cm

​Leaves: basal and midway up stem,  palmately compound in groups of 3. 

​"​Cylindrica" and "thimbleweed" refer to the shape of the fruiting head.