Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Bindweeds (vines)

Family: Morning Glory

Bindweed, field
​Convolvulus arvensis

​Native to Ontario
Habitat: Roadsides and waste places
Blooms: June to October

​Creeping stems which always turn to the right. 

Flower: up to 2.5 cm, white or pink.

Leaves: 5arrowhead-shaped with pointed lobes at the base.

Bindweed, hedge
Calystegia sepium

​There are both native and introduced species in Ontario.
Habitat: Roadsides and waste places.
Blooms: June to September

Smooth twining vine up to 3 m, always turning to the right. 

Flowers: up to 7.5 cm, pink or white.
Leaves: Arrowhead shaped with square lobes at the base.