Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Joe-pye-weed, spotted  and  Snakeroot, white

Family: Composite/Aster
Genus: ​Eupatorium

Joe-pye-weed, spotted
​E. maculatum

​Native to Ontario

Height: up to 2 m

Habitat: Moist open areas, marshes
Blooms: August to September

​Stem: Hairy, often spotted with purple
Leaves in whorls of 3-6.

Flower head: 7-10 mm consisting of 9-22 purplish pink disk florets.

Flower cluster: flat-topped, 10-20 cm
Snakeroot, white
​E. rugosum

​Native to Ontario

Height: up to 1.5 m

Habitat: Wet woods or thickets
Blooms: July to October

Leaves: stalked

​Flower heads: 4X5 mm in flat-topped clusters