Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Mint (non-aromatic)
Genus: ​Lycopus

Water-horehound, northern water
or Bugleweed, northern
​L. uniflorus

​Native to Ontario

​Perennial with tubor-producing stolons.
Height: Up to 80 cm

Habitat: Marshes and streambanks
Blooms: June to September

Flower: 2-4 mm arranged in clusters around the stem at leaf axils. 

Leaves: Shallowly-toothed
Water-horehound, cut-leaved or American
​L. americanus

​Native to Ontario

​Perennial with non-tuborous roots
Stem: square, up to 60 cm.

Habitat: Moist sites, shorlines
Blooms: June to September

​Flower: 2 mm with 5 sharply bristle-tipped lobes in clusters around the stem at leaf axils.

Lower leaves often deeply toothed.