Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Loosestrifes  and  Moneywort

Family: Primrose
Genus: ​Lysimachia

Loosestrife, fringed
​L. ciliata

​Native to Ontario

Height: up to 1.3 m

Habitat: Moist open or shady sites
Blooms: June to August

Flower: solitary 2.5 cm, pointing outward or downward. 5 cololla loves with pointed tips.

Leaf stalks are hairy, hence "fringed."
Loosestrife, whorled
​L. quadrifolia

​Native to Ontario

Height: up to 90 cm

Habitat: Open woodlands and thickets
Blooms: June to August

​Flower: 1.5 cm

Leaves in whorls of 3-6.

​L. nummularia


Habitat: Meadows and moist areas
Blooms: June to August

​Trailing stems, 15-50 cm, form dense mats.
Leaves: roundish, clasping

Flower: up to 2.5 cms.