Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Solomon's-seal, false and star-flowered and Canada Mayflower Genus: ​Maianthemum

Family: Butcher's-broom (meaning rhizomatous perennials)​​. Formerly lily.
​​​Solomon's-seal, false ​​
M. racemosa 

Native to Ontario  
Blooms: April to June
Habitat: Woodlands and savannahs
​Height: Up to 80 cm

Flower cluster 3-15 cm long
​Each flower 2-5 mm

​Fruit: Purple-dotted red berry that turn bright red when ripe.

​​​Solomon's-seal, star-flowered​​
or Little False Solomon's-seal ​​
M. stellatum

Native to Ontario  
Blooms: April to July
Habitat: Forests and open 
​Height: Up to 60 cm

Flower cluster 2-5 cm long
​Each flower 8-10 mm
​​​Mayflower, Canada ​​
M. canadense

Native to Ontario  
Blooms: May to June
Habitat: Moist woodlands and rock barrens.​

​Height: Up to 20 cm
​Two alternate leaves
​Flowers 3-5 mm arranged in compact clusters