Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Mallow
Genus: Malva

​Introduced  ​​ 

​Mallow, musk
​M. moschata
Habitat: waste places 
Blooms: Summer

​Height: up to 1 m
Flowers: up to 4 cm
​Mallow, common  or  Cheeses
​M. neglecta
Habitat: waste areas, lawns
Annual or biennial
Blooms: June to October

​Trails along the ground.
Flowers: 1.5 cm 

​Fruit resembles a wheel of cheese.

Mallow, high 
M. sylvestris 

Habitat: Waste places
Blooms: Summer

Height: up to 30 cm
Flower: 2.5 - 5 cm