Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Chamomile, scentless  and  Pineapple weed

Family: Composite/Aster
Genus: Matricaria

​Introduced.  ​​Annual. 

​Chamomile, scentless
​M. maritima
Habitat: waste places
Blooms: Summer and fall

​Height: Up to 45 cm
Flower head: Up to 4 cm - daisy-like. 

​Leaves: Fine and feathery

Pineapple weed
M. matricarioides

Habitat: Waste places
Blooms: May to October

Height: up to 40 cm
Flower head: 5-10 mm consisting of greenish yellow disk flowers.

Phyllaries (sepal-like bracts below the flower head) are pale green with translucent margins.

When bruised, the plant smells like pineapple.