Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Purple menu   * Flowers marked with an asterisk are native to Ontario

​Aster, New England *
​Aster, sky blue *
​Beardtongue, hairy *
​Bellflower, creeping
​Bergamot, wild *
​Blazing star *
​Burdock. common
​Burdock. great
​Chives, wild​ *
​Comfrey, common
​Coneflower, purple *
​Creeping Charlie
​Knapweed, brown
​Geranium, wild *
​Hound's tongue
​Loosestrife, purple
​Lupine, wild blue *
​Meadow-rue, early * (female)
​Morning glory, common
​Nightshade, bittersweet
​Speedwell, creeping
​Thistle, bull
​Thistle, Canada
​Trillium, purple *
​Vervain, blue *
​Vervain, hoary *
Vetch, tufted/cow
​Violet,  woolly blue *
​Waterleaf, Virginia *