Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Buttercup  and  Celandine, lesser

Family: Buttercup/crowfoot
Genus: ​Ranunculus


​Flower: 2.5 cm

​Buttercup, tall (or meadow)
Blooms: May to September
Habitat: Moist fields, near water
Height: up to 1 m  

Buttercup, creeping
R. repens

Blooms: April to July
Habitat: Moist fields and lawns

Has prostrate stems which root at the nodes.

Buttercup, kidney-leaf
R. abortivus

Native to Ontario

Blooms: April to June
Habitat: Forest

Height: Up to 80 cm
Flower: 6-10 mm

Common name relates to the shape of the basal leaves.

Species name pertains to the reduced petal size.

Celandine, lesser
R. ficaria


Blooms: April to May 
Habitat: Shaded moist disturbed areas

Height: Up to 25 cm (prostrate)
Flower: 2.5 - 4 cm
Leaves: Heart-shaped, glossy

Plant produces tubers.

Small, bud-like bulblets produced at the leaf axils are dispersed by rain and grow into new plants.