Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Nightshades and Horsenettle

Family: Nightshade (Same family as potato, tomato and tobacco)
Not related to the poisonous "deadly nightshade" (​Atropa belladonna)

Genus: ​Solanum

Nightshade, bittersweet (a vine)
​S. dulcamara


Habitat: Thickets and waste areas
Blooms: May to September

Height: up to 3 m. 
Clings to structures or other plants.

Flower: 1 cm, in loose clusters.

Fruit: Clusters of oval red berries, 8-12 mm.
These are eaten by birds, dispersing the seeds.

Nightshade, eastern black
​S. ptychanthum

​Native to Ontario

Habitat: Cultivated or disturbed areas.
Blooms: June to October

​Height: up to 60 cm

Flower: 8 mm, white or pale purple

Fruit: black berries

​S. carolinense

​Native to Ontario

Habitat: Waste places
​Blooms: May to October

​Height: up to 90 cm

Flower: 2-3 cm

Stem and leaves: prickly 
Fruit: Yellow berries