Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Composite/Aster
Genus: ​Tragopogon

​Biennial (looks like blades of grass in first year)
Blooms: June to September
Height: up to 1 m

Flower head: 3-6 cm consisting of ray flowers
Opens in the morning facing the sun, and follows the sun until about noon, when it closes.   

The name "goatsbeard" pertains to the large fuzzy seed-head.  Seeds dispersed by wind.

​Goastbeard, yellow
​T. dubius
Habitat: Field and waste places

Rays pale (lemon) yellowy

​Phyllaries (sepal-like green bracts below flower head) are longer than rays.

Stem is swollen just below the head. 

Goatsbeard, meadow
R. pratensis

Habitat: Moist disturbed places

Brighter yellow than the above.

Phyllaries not longer than rays, and stem not swollen beneath flower head.