Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Vervain
Genus: Verbena

Vervain, blue
​V. hastata

​Native to Ontario

Habitat: Moist places
Blooms: June to October

Height: up to 3 m. 
Flower: 2-5 mm, bluish purple, in dense clusters encircling 5-10 cm spikes.

Plant often resembles a candelabrum. 

Vervain, hoary
​V stricta

​Native to Ontario

Habitat: Dry places
Blooms: Summer and fall

​Height: up to 3 m

Flower: 5-9 mm, pinky purple

Stem has whitish hairs

Vervain, white 
​V. urticifolia

​Native to Ontario

Habitat: Moist waste places
​Blooms: Summer and fall

Flower: very tiny in spiked clusters

​Stem: up to 1.5 m, hairy. 

A very straggly plant.