Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Figwort   Genus: Veronica
Perennial,  Introduced

​​​Speedwell, creeping​​
V. filiformis   

Blooms: May to June
Habitat: Lawns and edges of woods.
​A mat-forming plant with blue or white flowers.

Width of flower: 8 mm
Speedwell, thyme-leaved
​V. serpyllifolia

Blooms: April to August
Habitat: Meadows, lawns, open woods.

​Trailing stems, 10-20 cm, often forming a mat.

Width of flower: 3-8 mm arranged in elongate terminal clusters.

​​Speedwell, corn ​​
V. arvensis 

Blooms: May to late summer
Habitat: Fields, open woods, rocky places.

​A low, hairy, much branching plant. 

Width of flower: 5 mm

​Corn and thyme-leaved speedwell may be found together in a lawn.  The flower of corn speedwell is much tinier.