Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Violaceae/Violet  
​Genus: Viola

​Violets are categorized as "stemless" (where solitary flowers grow on stalks coming directly from rhizomes or stolons) or "stemmed" (where the flowers grow on stems arising from the axils of the leaves).

The showy blooms we see are polinated by bees.  Later in the season, violets develop inconspicuous closed petal-less flowers lower on the plant or under the ground.  These "cleistogamous" flowers are self-pollinating.   

Seeds are dispersed by ants.  See   Myrmecochery
Violet, woolly blue
​V. sororia​  

Native to Ontario 
Blooms May to July 
Habitat: Damp woods, moist meadows, lawns. 
​Height: Up to 25 cm.
​Width of flower: 1.5 - 2 cm

​Some flowers of this species are white.
Violet, yellow
​V. pubescens  

Native to Ontario 
Blooms May to August 
Habitat: Deciduous forests 
​Height: Up to 40 cm.
​Width of flower: 15-25 mm
Violet, sweet white
​V. blanda  

Native to Ontario 
Blooms May 
Habitat: Cool, moist coniferous forests
​Height: Up to 25 cm.
​Width of flower: 1 cm